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Drabble/Fic: A Deal With God

Title: A Deal With God
Rating: PG
Spoilers: The gut-wrenching season 3 finale
Summary: Knee-jerk (more like heart-jerk) reaction to the season 3 finale. Myka makes a choice. Wrtiting this while I am literally still in tears.
Warnings: Pure, undiluted angst

HG Wells was indeed the most brilliant mind in the room, but Myka was still a step ahead of her. She saw her at the electrical console. She saw her fiddling with the wires. So she bode her time, sticking by Pete and Artie and commenting as necessary, but never taking her eyes off Helena.

When the time came, Myka didn't give it a second thought.

"Here we go," HG said, bringing the two live wires together. She looked at her work with a smile as a miniature barrier created around...Pete and Artie.

Helena's face contorted with horror, and she let the device fall to the floor. "MYKA!!!" she screamed, and the agony in her voice was such that Pete and Artie, though they didn't know exactly what was going on, felt it like a sledgehammer to the gut.

"I'm right here, Helena." Myka stood calmly by HG's side, smiling sadly at her. Helena whirled and gripped her shoulders, tears already staining her cheeks. "No, no, Myka, you were supposed to be under the barrier! You were supposed to be safe! You were supposed to live!"

Myka shook her head. "Not without you."

The other three occupants of the room were stunned into silence. Artie and Pete wore expressions of total shock; Helena's face was a mixture of relief and wonder and devastating happiness and the one emotion Myka had never been so glad to see in all her life and what little was now left. "Helena," she said, taking the woman's hands, "I'm sorry that I'm only telling you this now, only in...our last few moments." Tears sprang to her own eyes as she stroked Helena's cheek. "I saw what you were doing; I knew what you were up to, and I knew what it would mean. I couldn't lose you, I couldn't be without you, so if I couldn't switch our places..." she smiled sadly, "I would join you, and I have." Myka put her hands on Helena's shoulders, though it was touch born from one last comfort, not desperation. "I love you, Helena G Wells, and I'd rather die with you than live without you."

Helena's gasping laugh came out as a sob, even as she smiled at Myka, truly happy even knowing what was to come. "Grace." When Myka tilted her head in confusion, Helena's smile broadened as she cupped Myka's face in her hands. "The G. It stands for Grace, and I love you too, Myka Bering."

Myka's laugh came through tears that matched those of the woman she loved. "Ophelia. It's Ophelia."

They met in a first kiss, a last kiss, smiling as their lips met and they wrapped their arms around each other. The last sight Pete and Artie had before the Warehouse exploded around them was of the two happiest women in the world, swaying in each other's embrace. When the light was too blinding for them to look any longer, both men knew that wherever Myka Ophelia Bering and Helena Grace Wells were now, they were hand-in-hand, running up that hill.
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